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Tendy Endorsed by Republican, Conservative, Independence, and Libertarian** Parties

Putnam County District Attorney Robert Tendy has received the endorsement of the Republican, Conservative, Independence, and Libertarian parties for a second term.

At a recent campaign kickoff Tendy said "I am so honored to receive these endorsements. "My assistant district attorneys and the entire staff in the office have worked so hard over the past 3+ years to create an atmosphere of professionalism and ethical behavior. We work so well with all the law enforcement agencies in the county, and we really do everything we can to secure justice-and that isn't just a word with us. We mean it."

Despite the endorsements, he stressed that politics is not a part of his office. "We never look at things through the scope of politics; we assess every case from the standpoint of what is the right thing to do: for the victim, the community, law enforcement-and often the defendant. Sometimes the defendant needs help, and when that's the case we do everything we can to help. Treatment Court, counseling, therapy, probation. A lot of options are available. Of course, when someone needs to go to jail, some of the hardened criminals, we'll send them there."

Tendy praised his new narcotics unit--a first for Putnam County; he also discussed his efforts at immigration outreach and an immigration unit and hotline he has set up for immigrants who are victims of crime; training for all the attorneys in the staff including himself; and great strides his office has made regarding white-collar crime, sex abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence.

"It's a great work atmosphere. It's a great office--and we still have so much more to do. We're a real team, and I'm very proud of that."

He noted how happy he was to see so many people at the event, including friends he hadn't seen in years. "There are so many friends here, old and new--it's just so great to see all of you, and I can't thank you enough for being here. It's really nice!"

Tendy closed with "Tuesday, November 5 is election day. Your vote matters! Please show your support for the work we have done and will continue to do for the people of Putnam County. Thank you!"


(*At the time this news article appeared, the Libertarian party had not yet endorsed DA Tendy's Candidacy. This new item was revised to reflect subsequent endorsement.) 

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