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Robert Tendy took office as Putnam County District Attorney on January 1, 2016. Mr. Tendy campaigned on a platform of restoring ethics, integrity, and professionalism to the District Attorney's Office. Since taking office, Mr. Tendy, with the assistance of many, has created an office of the highest integrity and has put together a group of assistant district attorneys who are highly skilled, ethical, and formidable courtroom and victim advocates.

District Attorney Tendy began his career as a trial attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office under the legendary District Attorney Robert Morgenthau. Mr. Tendy served there for four years and handled numerous trials and investigations and over 1000 cases from misdemeanors to felonies. In 1995 he started his own private criminal law practice and for the next 20 years represented and successfully defended hundreds of defendants accused of everything from simple misdemeanors, to robbery, burglary, computer crime, complex homicides and numerous other crimes.

In 2014 Mr. Tendy recognized a need to restore faith and integrity to the Putnam District Attorney's Office. With that goal in mind he campaigned tirelessly for 15 months and his hard work culminated in an election victory in November 2015.

Upon taking office, District Attorney Tendy recruited and hired some of the most professional assistant district attorneys and investigators in the state. He encouraged education and training, and he stressed courtroom advocacy.

In 2016 Mr. Tendy created a conviction integrity review process--a first for the office.This resulted in the exoneration of an innocent man who had spent 8 years in jail for a crime he did not commit.

He has recently established another first--the immigration affairs bureau and confidential immigration crime victim hotline. Victims of crimes who are immigrants need not worry about their immigration status. DA Tendy pledges that immigrant crime victims will be protected, and those who victimize immigrants will be punished.

For 2019, District Attorney Tendy is creating the first narcotics unit in the history of the Putnam County District Attorney's Office. Two highly trained narcotics ADAs will be in charge of all narcotics investigations and prosecutions. They will work exclusively and extensively with all local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The office is committed to bringing drug traffickers to justice and getting addicts the help they need to recover and lead productive lives.

The office has highly trained and experienced domestic violence and sex crime prosecutors, and the office has successfully prosecuted numerous domestic violence and sex crimes cases. The office is a strong advocated for victims of sex crimes and child abuse and we have three prosecutors and one investigator who have received extensive training in these matters.

The Putnam County District Attorney's Office has also successfully prosecuted white-collar crimes and has returned money and property to victims of white collar crime.

District Attorney Tendy and his staff have worked professionally and cordially with all law enforcement agencies, stressing the need for collaboration and mutual respect. Mr. Tendy is second to none in his support and respect for the hard work and dedication of police officers, sheriff's deputies, NYS Troopers, and all law enforcement agents.

DA Tendy has been much more than an administrator. He has personally gone to court and brought cases to trial. He believes in leading by example. In 2017 Mr. Tendy successfully prosecuted People v. Anthony Grigoroff, the 2008 New Year's Eve day murder at the Garrison Garage. Recently, DA Tendy prosecuted the case of People v. Andrew Hickey. The defendant had burglarized three homes in Putnam County, and in one home he entered the bedroom of a 6 month old child. With the help of numerous law enforcement agencies and the NYS Police DNA crime lab, the defendant was convicted after trial.

DA Tendy is also a strong advocate for our senior citizens, lending his expertise and that of his staff to help seniors who are in fear of becoming victims of crimes, particularly online and mail scams. He is also an involved member of our Putnam community. He has attended numerous town board meetings and spoken on various issues concerning our towns; he has spoken to second amendment advocates and is a strong supporter of our second amendment rights.

District Attorney Tendy is running for reelection in 2019, and looks forward to serving another term as your District Attorney. He will continue to be dedicated to his responsibilities and to his community.

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